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At NeuroSynergy, we offer complete therapy programs as well as general consultation and follow up sessions.

Please see our list of what we can help you with.

Please email your enquiries or arrange callback for a mini consultation.

Visit our online shop to purchase recommended therapeutic devices, frequency supplements or sign up for digital apps.


Initial Appointment - $600 / 3 hrs


  • Full case history

  • Comprehensive assessment of brain function and performance

  • Report of key findings

  • Recommendations

  • Therapy outline

General Consultation - $200 / 1 hr


Reflecting on your overall health, discuss lifestyle and dietary possibilities for better health outcome. ​

NeuroSynergy Intensive Sessions - $250 / 1 hr


Customized session following initial appointment. We can choose from many modalities to target the weak area of the brain and create neuroplasticity. We use light, sound, frequency, vibration and digital therapies. 

Home Therapy Plan with Coaching - from $300


We will create a detailed home care plan with specific goals and outcomes in mind. We will go over each therapy with you to ensure proper implementation.

Primitive Reflex Integration  - $250 / 1 hr​​


Primitive reflexes must be integrated for optimal brain function. Primitive reflexes can return through life in the face of trauma, accident, or sever illness. In this program we asses 7-8 major reflexes, and the underlying reasons if they remain retained. Then we write up a therapy plan consists of home exercises and stimulation sessions.

Neurosage by SNA biotech - $80 / 20 minutes


engaging VR neurorehabilitation therapy is here

​An advanced and novel approach to care,the Neurosage software is a series of video games combined with various acoustic and visual experiences that are designed to retrain the brain.  

While engaged with the software we will take you through a series of sensory experiences so to tap into every region of the brain so to promote healing and recovery that was never before thought possible. 

EWOT Oxygen Training - $80 / 20 minutes


  • Optimal oxygenation to every cell in your body

  • Increased energy

  • Improved mental performance

  • Faster recovery

  • Promotes anti-aging

  • Decreased vascular inflammation

  • Increased red blood cell production

  • Improved endurance

  • Enhanced athletic performance

Bio - Individual Nutrition - $200 / 1 hr


​We customize nutrition recommendations to the specific biochemistry and metabolic needs of each individual.

We detect food allergies and sensitivities. 

An out of sync brain can also cause leaky gut and havoc on the immune system.

Vagus Nerve ReHab - $250 / 1 hr


​The Vagus nerve and the Vagal system are connected to healing in many ways. We use many different methods and modalities to properly enhance and rehab this vital system to improve your health and performance in any scenario.

Pain management - $250 / 1 hr


We combine different modalities to override pain pathways and reduce chronic pain. By activating the Vagus nerve and the Polyvagal system we can reduce chronic pain. Oxygen based therapies are also widely studied and recognized for pain management. 

Ils Music Protocol  - $80 / 20 minutes


This non-invasive intervention involves listening to music that has been processed specifically to retune the nervous system (regulating state) to introduce a sense of safety and the ability to socially engage. This allows to better interpret not only human speech, but, importantly, the emotional meaning of language.​​​

How to catch up on developmental delays

This page is under constraction, please come back later _ Aug 2024

Hi everyone, sure to be sure, we are working hard in the background. Neurosynergy studio will be up and running by Aug - Sept 2024, please visit back if you are interested in neuroplasticity therapies. 

Analyse Lab Results


  • ​Analysis of blood chemistry from a functional perspective.

  • We can also help to analyze '23 and me' or 'Anchestry DNA' raw test and provide a convenient & user-friendly report that is easy to navigate.

  • Organic Acid Test reading 

Online Store 


Best tools, best results. We believe in investing in tools that work the best. Cutting edge technology allow us to catapult the results. Visit our online store and brose for recommended tools.

Red Light Therapy 


​Red Light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to enhance cellular function, reduce inflammation, and promote healing throughout the body.

Whole Body Vibration


Vibe Plates and specific protocols to improve balance, coordination, bone density, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, gut function, and pain. Benefits include better circulation, reduced inflammation, improved flexibility, and much more.

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At NeuroSynergy we use comprehensive approach, multi-modal sensory stimulus;

simply stated we are stimulating every possible sense to promote the fastest and most efficient healing experience for the brain and body.

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