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synergy KIDS

The program follows the principals of Developmental Functional Neurology and also utilize the successful 'Melillo Method' and 'Neurosolution program'. Designed to build and strengthen brain connections so that children can reach their full potential and achieve success in all areas of life.

Brain Based Therapies are a holistic, whole body approach and has been proven

to achieve measurable changes in behavior and academic performance.

Home therapy plan with coaching.

functional connection

how to catch up on developmental delays

The structures of the brain, as well as the functions of the brain develop in a hierarchy. There's a template, a developmental blueprint for it. If the blueprint out of sync, areas of the brain as well, will be out if sync. There will be an electrical imbalance, especially between the two hemispheres of the brain. The ability of the two hemispheres to share and integrate information will be challenged, meaning the brain cannot function as a whole.


This imbalance becomes more significant as the child develops, and the two hemispheres can never fully function as one. The brain becomes functionally disconnected. We see a combination of many different symptoms that include sensory, motor, cognitive, academic, emotional and immune challenges, dietary and digestive problems. 

In simple terms, our brains consist of two sides or hemispheres. To function well, a child should have relatively balanced strengths on both sides of the brain.


Children with behavioral, academic, social, or other challenges often have an imbalance where they predominantly use only one side of the brain.


This causes one side of the brain to be stronger, while the other side develops more slowly and is weaker. This explains why many children have obvious strengths in some areas but struggle greatly in others.

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the brain can change

our brain gym is all about neuroplasticity

We can create stronger connections, form new pathways in our brain, through sensory stimulation and new information. When new pathways are formed, the brain’s ability to perform cognitive and physical tasks is improved.

The strength and integration of our cognitive and physical skills build our ability to have successful executive functions - impacting our attention, decision-making and comprehension.


We can notice these positive changes in our mood, memory, focus, behavior, social skills and relationships. These breakthroughs can be felt in the way we live and experience our daily lives.

By assessing your child individually, we can create a personalized program that targets the areas of the brain that need strengthening.

It is possible to get the immature side of the brain to catch up to the other side— we can balance and synchronize the brain by stimulating the underactive side of the brain through a series of sensory-motor and sensory-academic exercises along with dietary, nutritional and behavioral changes.

Through a variety of methods we stimulate the underdeveloped side of the brain and encourage new pathways to develop, leading to improvement in mood, social skills, cognitive tasks and executive functioning.

the Melillo Method

The Melillo Method™ is used to identify brain imbalances and treat many symptoms of mental, attention, behavioral, and learning disorders.

It's a comprehensive approach to treating autism, ADHD, dyslexia and many other neurobehavioral and neuroacademic disorders.

"The brain can c
hange, and the missing steps of development can be corrected, children can and do improve." _ Dr Melillo

They can have better learning, better movement, social engagement and interaction with peers, family and be part of the community.


The Melillo Method proven to having an optimizing effect on functional connectivity between the hemispheres. "When the two sides are disconnected, like an out-of-tune orchestra, we can experience various behavioral, academic, social, and other difficulties."

At NeuroSynergy, we conduct a sensory motor and cognitive evaluation and customize a program to provide the specific tools the child needs to function at their age level.

The program available in 'Home-care' version as well. With our guidance you will be able to do the home therapy with your child. You will learn to do assessments, primitive reflex and hemispheric integration. 

it can help with

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder 

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Autism & Asperger

  • Behavioral problems such as emotional withdrawal, anxiety, aggressiveness and autistic behaviors

  • Learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia... 

  • Speech 

  • Low frustration tolerance, lack of motivation

  • Organic disabilities, especially Down syndrome, cerebral damage

  • Integration difficulties after adoption, divorce ...

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picky eaters

Picky eaters can have difficulty getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals needed for neuroplasticity and for optimal brain health. Our Synergy KIDS program provide advice to picky eaters on how to make sure their diet contains the right mix of nutrients.

We offer recommendations on how to introduce new foods into an existing diet, how to find creative ways to make meals more interesting and how to stimulate our brain to make food tastier. With the right guidance, picky eaters can make sure they are getting the nutrition their brains need. 

safe and sound


The SSP is an auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. By calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improved communication and more successful therapy.

Stressors that impact social engagement 

  • social and emotional difficulties

  • auditory sensitivities

  • anxiety and trauma related challenges

  • inattention

Cozy Womb_edited.jpg
primitive reflex integration

This is vital for proper development of the brain and nervous system.


If these reflexes are not integrated, they might play role in developing various symptoms, such as:

ADHD/ADD, dyslexia/learning disorders, Autism, OCD, Tourette's, depression, anxiety, various mental disorders, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction, autoimmunity, pain, headaches, migraines, spinal curvatures / scoliosis, balance / coordination issues…and many others. 

So, whether you're a child or adult, schedule a visit to have this checked.

By properly integrating primitive reflexes, you’re allowing your brain to function at its most optimum. 


Digital therapies are are making their way as safe and effective wellness training with an amazing result. VR therapy is also proven to help recovery and plasticity. 


Neurosage is a software application that targets the visual and vestibular system to improve balance, coordination, and muscle function. It offers both interactive and passive therapy activities that leverages the body's own natural abilities to bring systemic balance. 

Coming soon - Neurosage home version.

neurosage wallpaper.png

This page is under constraction, please come back later _ Aug 2024

Hi everyone, sure to be sure, we are working hard in the background. Neurosynergy studio will be up and running by Aug - Sept 2024, please visit back if you are interested in neuroplasticity therapies. 


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At NeuroSynergy we use comprehensive approach, multi-modal sensory stimulus;

simply stated we are stimulating every possible sense to promote the fastest and most efficient healing experience for the brain and body.

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