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Turn a glass of water into a natural remedy
Transfer ICs Anywhere, Anytime - Personalized for You
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The ultimate supplementation method literally turns your water into a natural remedy. There's no need to buy long lists of expensive supplements anymore...
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copy & paste: Neuro10

... ICs work by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. ICs are electromagnetic signals that are generated using algorithms or recorded from substances that have healing, therapeutic, or other biological effects.
There are 3 different types of ICs _ Imprint, PEMF, Audible
You can browse between thousands of ICs in the Frequency Library
 ... to access full library cost $15/month

Once Signed Up for free, you can use free Audible ICs with headphones

... all you need is to sign up with

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30 days free trial period, cancel anytime - after that it's AU$15 / month.  
To use Imprint or PEMF ICs (i.e. transfer ICs to water or apply them directly to the body), you will need an IC Transfer device.
 See available IC Transfer devices on the Equipment page

To learn more about the different types of ICs and their application methods, please visit the Methods overview section at the link below. 
... Click on the link below and remember to use our PROMO CODE! 
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