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Your very own Voice as a Brain Booster

Forbrain is a pioneering brain training device that helps people of all ages and abilities improve their speech, attention, and memory.
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... Forbrain® is a revolutionary brain training device that empowers everyone to harness their voice to boost their brain through bone conduction. It stimulates the brain’s natural auditory process for strengthened attention, memory and speech, and other important life skills.
Clearer speech - highlights the sounds of spoken language. It improves self-awareness, sound articulation, and fluency.
Sharper attention - sends vocal feedback to alert the brain which increases attention span, energy, and comprehension.
Stronger memory - aids memory by lighting up brain pathways that result in increased productivity and retention.
ForBrain maximizes abilities in speech, attention, and memory with a sensory workout. Harness your voice with this pioneering brain training device and experience real improvements at school, therapy, or work.
Forbrain modulates the voice to make it sound clearer and stimulates the brain, thus retraining your abilities.
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