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the brain can change at any age

optimize brain function, improve health and performance with neuroplasticity therapies 

At NeuroSynergy we are providing neuroplasticity therapies to support recovery and enhance overall well-being.

The body is dependent on the brain, the brain must function at optimal level for the body to function well.


Intensive brain synchronizing sessions are designed to individual needs.

Our approach combines neuroscience with nutrition and technology to provide effective treatments.

The goal is to increase function and wake up the brain on a practical level.

brain based therapies

Functional neurology is not new, and it's changing the health care on

how the brain and nervous system looked at. It offers cutting edge, drug free options for those who experience complaints and symptoms. 

It acknowledges the brain and body connection;

improve quality of life with brain healing, a truly holistic therapy. 


When neural networks underdeveloped, underregulated, or underintegrated, the Brain is Out of Sync. This can cause electrical imbalance and complaints and symptoms to emerge.

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unleash the power of the brain

The human brain is extremely plastic,

which means it's modifiable based on activity and experience.

Neural networks in the brain can change through growth and reorganization.

When the brain functions better, the whole body systems functions better.

At NeuroSynergy we do a comprehensive assessment to identify weak, underactive brain networks. There are different modalities to choose from to strengthen the weak area of the brain, each session is individualized.

Our program is designed to improve cognitive performance and emotional well-being, based on exercises and functional brain stimulation

techniques that encourage neuro repair and neuroplasticity.

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Hi everyone, sure to be sure, we are working hard in the background. Neurosynergy studio will be up and running by Aug - Sept 2024, please visit back if you are interested in neuroplasticity therapies. 

neuroReHab can improve range of conditions

  • developmental delays

  • learning difficulties - dyslexia, dyscalculia

  • speech disorders

  • behavioral, ADHD, TICS, OCD, Tourette's,

  • autism

  • anger, mood disorders, Bipolar, PTSD

  • anxiety, depression, mania

  • sleep issues

  • brain fog, memory issues

  • balance, coordination

  • digestive, metabolic issues, leaky gut

  • autoimmune conditions

  • headaches, dizziness

  • injury

  • ... and more

  • optimize health outcomes

  • stay sharp and focused

  • optimize mood and behavior

  • improve social skills

  • be better at work tasks / CEOs 

  • get better in sports

neuroReHab is for anyone who's looking to

  • catch up on developmental delays

  • improve social connection

  • hyperactivity

  • anxiety

  • meltdowns

  • better mood and happiness

  • compliance, willingness

  • increase self esteem

  • develop self motivation

  • focus

  • academic performance

  • greater problem solving and reasoning

  • ... and more

synergy KIDS program

bio-individual nutrition

Bio-Individual Nutrition is a functional nutrition approach that applies to all health conditions…

Our advanced nutrition approach takes the gut and brain connection into account.

We combine concepts of functional medicine with functional neurology.

about NeuroSynergy
what we do

Brain Based Therapies:

  • a holistic, whole-body approach 

  • clinically proven to achieve measurable changes in behavior and academic performance 

  • helping in emotional grounding, body regulation

Sensory Stimulation:

  • carefully designed sensory stimulation activities to activate different senses and enhance sensory integration

  • greatly benefit individuals with sensory processing difficulties or neurological conditions

Primitive Reflex Integration:   

  • improving coordination, balance, and cognitive function

  • our specialized techniques bring forth remarkable improvements

Targeted Core Exercises: 

  • help improve strength, stability, and coordination

  • ultimately supporting the body’s overall function and aiding in rehabilitation

Vagus Nerve Therapy: 

  • non-invasive procedure, gentle stimulation of the Polyvagal system 

  • promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving overall well-being, improvement of social skills

EWOT Oxygen Training: 

  • enhancing the uptake of oxygen into all of the cells

  • opens up tiny blood capillaries throughout the body that allow increased blood flow around the cells

  • speeds up recovery and strengthens the immune system


Neurosage by SNA biotech:

  • engaging VR neurorehabilitation therapy is here

  • ​an advanced and novel approach to care, the Neurosage software is a series of video games combined with various acoustic and visual experiences that are designed to retrain the brain.  

  • while engaged with the software we will take you through a series of sensory experiences so to tap into every region of the brain so to promote healing and recovery that was never before thought possible. 

NeuroSolution Light Therapy:

  • utilizes advanced light technology to target specific areas of the nervous system, it has 300 different frequencies

  • promoting neuroplasticity and aiding in the recovery process


Red Light Therapy: 

  • non-invasive treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to enhance cellular function

  • reduce inflammation, and promote healing throughout the body

  • Functional Testing

  • ​Home Therapy Plan with coaching

  • Neuro ReHab intensive sessions ​

  • Synergy KIDS​​

  • Bio-Individual Nutrition

  • Metabolic Healing

  • Vagus Nerve Rehab

  • Pain Management ​

  • Oxygen training

  • Digital Therapies

  • Vibration Therapies

  • Functional Lab Testing

  • Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Organic Acid Test

  • StrateGene® Report

  • Online Shop​

    • cutting edge devices & supplements


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